UK Road Safety Week: Free Bike Smart Resources

Emergency services can now register for Road Safety Week 2018 (19–25 November), the UK’s biggest road safety event, which involves thousands of communities, schools and organisations each year. Road safety charity Brake, which coordinates the event, is encouraging emergency service professionals to go to to register for a free online action pack and get ideas on raising awareness and how to bolster their year-round life-saving work.

Road Safety Week has been inspiring people for 21 years and is coordinated with the support of the Department for Transport. It is also supported by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC). It’s a great chance for police, fire, ambulance and health professionals to run high-profile community engagement, awareness and enforcement campaigns to promote safe and responsible road use to prevent needless deaths and injuries.

Emergency services can access free electronic resources and guidance to help them get involved. Go to for ideas and to register for a free online action pack (available from September). This will include downloadable and interactive resources aimed at both children and adults, advice on how to promote safer roads, and case studies showing how other professionals have got involved in previous years.

For this year’s Road Safety Week, Brake has chosen to focus on the important message of Bike Smart. Cyclists and motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in the UK, with more than 100 riders injured every day in needless, preventable crashes.

Cycling is one of the healthiest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly forms of transport available, with the benefits to public health, congestion and the economy widely acknowledged. Delivering safe journeys for cyclists is a win/win, encouraging more people to cycle rather than drive, and keeping those who already do so safe.

Motorcyclists are disproportionately involved in crashes and the resulting injuries are often severe. Raising awareness of safe riding and driving behaviour for riders and drivers alike, and therefore limiting motorcycle crashes, is critical to saving lives on UK roads.

This year Brake will develop new age-appropriate resources to raise awareness about the importance of everyone being Bike Smart. Emergency services can run road safety activities at schools, businesses or town centres, launch an enforcement campaign based on this theme or use Brake tools to reinforce current messaging.

For younger children, the focus will be on inspiring and engaging pupils about how to be smart when riding a bike and helping them call for smarter cycle routes so they can get about safely on two wheels. For young people and adults, resources will cover the benefits and dangers of cycling, but also the importance of being smart on the road, by looking out for bikes when driving and by making smart choices when riding a motorbike.

Everyone who registers to take part can include their details on an interactive map, helping inspire other organisations to get involved and link up activities.


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