The NHS needs a Labour government, says UNISON

The NHS needs a Labour government, says UNISON

Commenting on shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth’s speech to the Labour Party conference in Liverpool today (Wednesday) UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Under a Labour government the NHS and the dedicated people that work for it would at long last receive the proper investment and respect they deserve.
“A commitment to end privatisation and the spiralling costs of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) would mean more resources for a service that’s struggled to cope with the huge squeeze on funding and major gaps in staffing.

“There is no place for the private sector in health, the pursuit of profit should never take precedence over patient care. And Labour is right to commit to scrapping sky high parking charges, put money back in health workers’ pockets and stop private contractors raking in the

“Labour’s commitment to properly fund social care and invest in our overstretched and underfunded mental health services would see the NHS in a much better position to cope with all the extra demands being made of it. The country needs a Labour government.”


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