Take Control Of Home Heating With Wiser By Drayton

New from British heating controls manufacturer Drayton is Wiser; a smart multi-room heating system that makes it easier for those with mobility issues and health conditions to manage individual room temperatures and energy use.

Wiser allows users to create up to 16 individual heating zones, each with a different room temperature to suit their needs. This means, for example, that users can fix the living room temperature at 21°C, heat bedrooms to a cooler 18°C for sleeping and lower the temperature in empty spare rooms to save energy.

The system is controlled via a smartphone app or smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, eliminating the need to reach down and twist radiator valves to make temperature adjustments. Heating programmes and room temperatures are easy to view and change via the app, which can be useful for individuals with memory or mobility related conditions.

Relatives or carers can also monitor and adjust the temperature in an individual’s property by logging into the wiser account and viewing the status from afar. This can be especially important during the colder months, when people may forget to heat their home adequately, struggle to operate their devices, or may deliberately keep their home below the recommended minimum temperature, in a bid to save money through lower energy use. Remote access via the app can provide reassurance for everyone.

Wiser can be integrated with IFTTT (If This Then That) for features like geofencing, which allows users to set the heating to turn off when the last family member heads out for the day and back on again when the first person returns home. Wiser smart plugs are also available to work alongside the heating kit, allowing users to control and set timing schedules via the app for electrical appliances, such as lights.

The Wiser system comprises a central room thermostat, heat hub and intelligent Red Dot award-winning radiator thermostats. Wiser is simple to install for a DIY-er or a professional heating engineer, and works alongside existing heating systems, with no need to alter pipework or valves. This makes it easy to fit as a standalone project, during an annual boiler service or as part of wider home renovations.

Using a multi-room system like Wiser to control which rooms are heated and to what temperature can help reduce energy bills by an estimated 20%, compared to a smart thermostat system alone. Further savings can be achieved by using Wiser’s Eco Mode, which learns and adapts to how long a property takes to react to temperature changes and the effect of outside weather.

Mikael Eliaeson, Senior Product Manager for parent company Schneider Electric, said: “Smart technology is revolutionising how we control different elements of our homes and the benefits can be especially marked for those with physical disabilities and conditions such as arthritis, which make manual control more challenging. The positive feedback we are already receiving from users living with conditions like Motor Neurone disease, for example, shows the dramatic improvements that technology like Wiser can have in improving people’s lives.

“Drayton is an established and trusted British heating brand with over 60 years experience of designing and manufacturing heating controls. With Wiser, we have combined our engineering team’s exceptional experience and knowledge of home heating with the very latest smart technology to create a system that makes room-to-room temperature control an easy and affordable reality.”

The Wiser system is buildable, which means additional radiator thermostats can be installed in more rooms over time. Suitable for use with combi and conventional heating systems, the range includes kits that control heating only or heating and hot water. Recommended retail prices for Wiser start from £139.99 for a Thermostat Kit 1 (room thermostat, heat hub and app) and £219.99 for a Multi-zone Kit 1 (room thermostat, heat hub, app and two radiator thermostats). Individual Wiser radiator thermostats retail at £44.99. All prices are inclusive of VAT.


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