Psychotrauma Unit Sends Ambulance to Bolster Sderot

Following the Intensification of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip this past weekend, United Hatzalah’s Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit Director Miriam Ballin visited the city and its responders in order to bring some much-needed support to the residents and volunteer responders of the area.

On Monday morning, Ballin, together with the ambulance and fellow responders from the unit arrived in the city in order to touch base with the responders in the city following the barrage of rockets from the weekend and see what was needed in the city. In addition, the ambulance was on hand over the course of the day to provide a faster response for the residents of the city should the need for the unit’s volunteers arise. The ambulance is set to return again later in the week and intermittently throughout the summer as needed.

Ballin and the team met with United Hatzalah Chapter Head Nehorai Darshan and instructed him on how to utilize the special capabilities of the Psychotrauma Ambulance and dispatch it when needed. The team then proceeded to meet with members of the unit throughout the city and their family members and spoke with them about how they are reacting to the recent escalation of attacks. Ballin and the team offered encouragement and assistance to the volunteers and reinforced the tools used by the unit in responding to large-scale attacks like the ones from this past weekend.

During the visit, Ballin said: “We came down to Sderot specifically today in order to provide encouragement and strengthen the residents here, as well as our volunteers and their families, who just finished a very difficult weekend. It is important for us that the resident, as well as our volunteers, know that there is someone to turn to should they need our services.”


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