New Executive Joins EEAST Board

Paramedic Tracy Nicholls has been appointed as Director of Clinical Quality and Improvement at East of England Ambulance Service.

Tracy, a Fellow and Vice Chairman of the College of Paramedics, will be the first female paramedic on any ambulance service board in the country.

Tracy said: “I relish the opportunity to drive quality and improvement across the organisation and look forward to seeing staff ideas on improving patient care come to fruition across all directorates. I have been with the organisation a long time and have seen exceptional delivery of care time and time again and know that the focus on patients will remain, despite the challenges that may come our way.

“Without the opportunity provided by Robert and the Trust Board and support from NHSI, this would not have been possible. This reflects the growth of the paramedic profession and the multi-disciplinary way in which it has evolved. I am sure that these opportunities will only grow, not only for paramedics, but for many allied health professions.”

Robert Morton, EEAST Chief Executive said: “This breaks new ground for paramedics as she is the only paramedic to undertake this quality and improvement role on a board in any ambulance trust currently.

“We are really pleased that Tracy was successful, after a highly competitive recruitment, to come through as our preferred candidate for appointment. Tracy’s progression from PTS to Board Director over 24 years is testament to her passion and commitment to quality and improvement.”

Gerry Egan. Chief Executive of the College of Paramedics said: “This is an inspirational and visionary appointment by Robert Morton and the Board of EEAST, which marks a great step forward in terms of paramedics working on Ambulance Trust Boards.

“Tracy is without doubt one of the most inspirational leaders in the College of Paramedics and is now the first female paramedic to be working at this influential level. Well done Tracy and congratulations to the East of England Ambulance Service. We look forward to working ever closer together in the future.”


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