Infection prevention control for the emergency services

A new approach to IPC

Among the many pressures that ambulance operators face is how to ensure high levels of service availability while protecting patients from infections and sources of illness. This is the realm of cleaning and hygiene and processes must be highly effective, simple and fast due to the limited time available to maintain vehicles. Ambulance operators, deep-clean and make-ready professionals need the right system in place for maintaining IPC compliance. Zenith Hygiene’s Total Hygiene System combines the tools and processes required to enable this to occur within regulatory frameworks.

The majority of infections are spread by hand-to-hand contact or by touching a contaminated surface. The primary defense against infection involves a combination of hand hygiene and surface sanitisation. It follows that anything that breaks this sequence will help eliminate the sources of infections. Zenith Hygiene offers a complete range of trusted formulations for use throughout emergency vehicle fleets.

Effective against pathogens in just 30 seconds, Zenith’s Bio Sanitiser is independently proven against bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses and is only one of the specially formulated products which provides effective infection prevention. Used by ambulance services for daily and deep-clean operations, this sanitiser is effective against Norovirus, C. diff, E.coli, Influenza, MRSA, HIV and many other infections.

Products are only as good as their application. That is why Zenith’s Total Hygiene System places significant focus on training and supporting signage and documentation. The pressure to maintain the hygiene of emergency vehicles is vital therefore the approach to IPC and hygiene management must be highly effective, simple and fast acting. To ensure operators in this sector can be successful, interactive product-in-use and COSHH awareness training is offered free-of-charge and delivered classroom-based or via Zenith’s dedicated Learning Management System. These include, non-clinical IPC training and step-by-step on-site vehicle deep cleaning and daily cleaning training to best practice in vehicle daily cleaning. The flexibility of Zenith’s approach not only mobilises an operators team in an efficient way but practically equips them with the fundamental knowledge to clean the emergency vehicle fleet effectively and within the required regulations.

Monitoring hygiene standards is a key element of Zenith’s Total Hygiene System. Both ATP and Swab Testing is offered by Zenith’s team of experts as part of their own on-site audits of an operator’s fleet and Total Hygiene System. This provides an auditable system that demonstrates to the regulator that the operator has a thorough and robust IPC system in place, is well managed and, microbial cleanliness is achieved and verified by an independent supplier.

Having the right systems in place for maintaining IPC compliance should not be about adding additional costs. Zenith Hygiene recognise this and are committed to building real benefits, enhancing each operator’s business and transforming relationships into long-term partnerships.

Earlier this year, Zenith Hygiene announced plans to combine with global leader Diversey to create the UK and Ireland’s largest manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and hygiene products. Diversey believe as strongly as Zenith does that cleaning and hygiene are life essentials. They seek to deliver revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies that provide total confidence to customers. With over 94 years of expertise, they safeguard their customers’ businesses contributing to productivity improvements, lower total operating costs and brand protection. Globally, Diversey continues to offer customers an extensive – and growing – range of products of which many of Zenith Hygiene’s customers can bene t from.

One issue that ambulance and emergency vehicle operators regularly face is damage to stretchers and seats. This can be a major problem because it usually means the stretcher or the seats cannot be used until it is replaced or repaired, not always easy at short notice or when out on a call.

Ambulance crews, vehicle preparation teams and Make Ready professionals now have an effective alternative which allows them to return these items to operation quickly and easily. Diversey’s CleanPatch is a CE-Registered Class 1 medical device for repairing damaged mattresses and seats to an intact and hygienic state. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and extends the life of stretchers to minimise the need for expensive replacements.

Damaged stretchers and seats cannot be cleaned properly and could become a risk to patient safety. It is important to catch damage early and restore the surface to an intact and hygienic state in order to preserve performance characteristics and cleanability. This is where CleanPatch is designed to be used. It is made from latex-free, biocompatible materials and has been clinically tested and validated by independent infection prevention professionals. To use, the backing is simply peeled off and the patch applied in the desired position. It then provides a durable barrier which is impervious to fluids under arduous conditions. Moreover, it is resilient to all types of cleaning product which is important because stretchers must be cleaned after each use.

Zenith Hygiene, supported by global leader Diversey is stronger and equipped more than ever to provide emergency vehicle crews and healthcare teams an industry-leading Total Hygiene System which is not only compliant with the regulatory framework but highly effective, simple and fast-acting.


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