Former Nurse Thanks SECAmb Crew

A retired nurse from Rainham, Medway, has thanked the ambulance team who came to her aid when she suffered a heart attack earlier this year.

Gail Dewhurst, 62, visited Medway Ambulance Station in Chatham and met with paramedic Danny Edwards and ambulance technician Phil Woods to say thank you in person.

Gail, who attended with daughters Clare, Karen and grandson Braiden, collapsed with severe chest pain at home shortly after 6am on 19 March. It followed two days of pain in her left arm, which she had put down to carrying Braden but which, with the benefit of hindsight, she now realises was a significant warning sign.

First to arrive at the scene was Sittingbourne paramedic, Lee Smith, who was working with a student in a single response vehicle. Having assessed Gail, Lee was quick to realise that she was seriously unwell and likely required specialist treatment at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

Danny and Phil soon arrived as back up and the team set about readying Gail for the journey to hospital. At William Harvey Gail received the expert treatment she required to open up the arteries around her heart. Following a five-day admission Gail was discharged to commence her recovery at home.

She said: “It’s was really good to meet Danny and Phil. Everyone did a really good job and I think it’s important to acknowledge the good work which is taking place across the NHS. I’m extremely grateful.”

Danny said: “It’s really nice to see Gail looking well again. It was clear she was extremely unwell and needed urgent specialist treatment. We’re just one part of the chain and key to her recovery was the care she received at hospital. It was lovely to see her face-to-face and on behalf of my colleagues I wish her and her family all the very best for the future.”

Gail added: “In the nicest possible sense, I hope to never see Danny or Phil again! But, if I or any of my family do every need the help of the ambulance service again, I hope it’s them who attend.”


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