Doc-works Scribe ePCR rolled out to SCAS Private Providers

The launch means that SCAS is the first ambulance trust in the country to ensure that all of its approved private providers (six in total) now operate an electronic patient record system; eliminating the need for paper-based patient records.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) and Doc-works, a systems integration and software specialist company based in Buckinghamshire, are delighted to announce the launch of an integrated electronic patient record (ePCR) system to all of SCAS’ approved private providers.

The first private provider to go live with the new ePCR system is Jigsaw Medical Services who will be equipping all their vehicles with the Scribe Electronic Patient Clinical Record solution (ePCR) from Doc- works following a successful pilot with SCAS.

The rollout enables Jigsaw and all SCAS’ private provider to keep up with increasing call volumes and significantly improve the care and treatment received by patients in their region. The Scribe system will be used by Jigsaw ambulance crews to complete patient records electronically using a ruggedized mobile tablet.

The introduction of this innovative system will also help Jigsaw reduce their carbon footprint as the Base Operations Managers will no longer need to spend up to 16 hours a week on the road delivering the paper versions of the patient records that the ePCR system replaces.

With an intuitive user interface which accurately models the layout of the existing SCAS paper form, Scribe has been designed in consultation with ambulance crews to help them capture real-time clinical information and provide them with better data, better reports, better audits and ultimately better patient care.

Vince Almond, Private Provider Manager at SCAS, said: “There are a number of benefits from implementing Scribe ePCR, not least the ability for clinicians to view a patients medical record when and where they need it. The new system should bring benefits for patients and staff, as well as ambulance, hospital and other organisations as a whole”.

The new system allows Jigsaw ambulance crews to provide a prompt transfer of patient care to hospitals and other health organisations, improve the security of patient records, create more legible records saving on paper and time, and increase data accuracy.

Jigsaw Managing Director Julie Mercer, said “At Jigsaw we’re always looking at ways to deliver the best possible service and the Scribe ePCR solution from Doc-works will help us achieve this. It enables us to streamline the handover process with hospital emergency departments at the same time as reducing the amount of paper used and reinforces our position in the marketplace as an innovative leader and a company renowned for adopting new technologies where possible”.

With an intuitive user interface which accurately models the layout of the existing SCAS paper form, Scribe has been designed in consultation with ambulance crews to help them capture real- time clinical information and provide them with better data, better reports, better audits and ultimately better patient care.

Elliot Forman, Paramedic Clinical Mentor at Jigsaw Medical Services, has already seen the benefits of the ePCR Scribe system on his operational shifts working for SCAS.

“With the paper-based records, we were constantly writing the same information”, says Elliot, “as one patient might require a number of different forms to be filled in based on the nature of their injuries or illnesses, whether we had any safeguarding concerns, if we needed to refer the patient on to other specialists or services, to name but a few. Then, only at the end of the shift, we would have to make sure some of those paper forms were sent off to the right people, departments and organisations so they could then take over the next element in the patient’s physical, mental or social care.”

With the ePCR Scribe system, Elliot and his colleagues now only need to input the key patient information once and it automatically populates into whatever forms are subsequently required. Furthermore, any forms that need to be sent to other organisations – such as to social services or a falls referral to an occupational therapy team – are automatically transferred electronically as soon as they are completed on the Scribe tablet during the ambulance crew’s shift.

Darren Weston, a Paramedic with SCAS who was seconded to the Private Provider Contract team for 12 months to work on the ePCR project added, “To give you an idea of the paper and cost saving the implementation on ePCR Scribe is going to make, I visited one of the bases of one of our private providers recently to collect the now redundant paper forms and they had 25 boxes worth: I couldn’t fit them all in my car!”.

There are also benefits for the receiving units and hospitals where patients are taken. “Clinicians can see live patient readings, such as an ECG output”, adds Vince, “and whereas previously the private provider crews would have had to hand over potentially a pile of papers, now everything that they need to give to the hospital is done with a simple press on a screen. The hospital teams get what they need more quickly, and ambulance crews are able to clear down from their patient sooner and be available to respond to the next call”.

Jigsaw ambulance’s ePCR project has been developed with Doc-works who are experts in ambulance software as well as having considerable experience and knowledge in the processes, documents (paper and electronic), and audit requirements needed for compliance and reporting to staff, managers, CQC and commissioners.

Barry Clark, Director at Doc-works said, “We have utilised our 10 plus years NHS software experience to create an ePCR system that is accurate, intuitive and provides a paramedic with everything they need when responding to a time critical incident. We have worked extremely closely with SCAS to help them provide the best possible patient care with an ePCR system that improves the quality of their services and patient’s experiences. It was part of the brief that we were given to design a system that required minimal, if any, training for private provider staff to be able to use.

All the feedback from crews received so far confirms that it’s an intuitive, easy-to-follow process and one that both makes the administrative part of their role much easier and means they can give their patient better care and a better service”.

The Doc-works ePCR back-end system uses standard Windows server technologies and client applications can run on iOS devices, both iPad and iPhone, in addition to Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy tablets. Following the launch of the new system with Jigsaw, a scheduled rollout plan is now in place to ensure all SCAS’ private provider partners will have access to the new Doc-works ePCR system.

With the eCPR system now live across all SCAS’ private providers in the South Central region, the next stage in the project is to create user groups so that vital feedback on the system from private provider ambulance crews, hospitals and other partners is captured. This will ensure that the system can be continually monitored and improved so that it keeps delivering exactly what ambulance personnel, hospital staff and patients need.

About Doc-works Doc-works has been providing solutions for storing and recording Patient Care Records for over ten years. They have been directly responsible for the on-going development and support of these systems and during this time have gained an extensive knowledge of the requirements for electronic Patient Care Records and the systems required to securely manage this confidential information.

Through their work with Ambulance Trusts they are already working successfully to improve Patient Care, Monitoring, CPD, Reporting, Clinical Audit and Compliance with clinical standards.

More recently they have worked very closely with a number of NHS Trusts including South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), East of England Ambulance Service and South East Coast Ambulance Service to provide Audit solutions for IPC Compliance, ACQI compliance, Medicines Management compliance and to enhance their PCR solution with a robust and secure ePCR solution, Scribe ePCR.


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