Bed Blocking’ Campaign Culminates in Art Exhibition

London, 11 October 2018, an exhibition has opened in Islington following an eight-week, artist-led campaign to call time on delayed discharges in the NHS.

The pop-up curation will welcome visitors at Candid Arts in Islington for just two days, between 11-12 October.

On the launch night, there’s a specially selected guestlist of NHS practitioners and commissioners, journalists and interest groups.

There will be discussion around a manifesto to end the misleading label of ‘bed blocking’, getting accurate data on this issue, and innovative solutions to get people back home.

Ahead of the landmark exhibition, CEO of Elder Pete Dowds, who is to speak at the opening evening, said:

‘With the aid of 13 incredible artists, over eight weeks, a really powerful movement has taken shape.’

‘The launch night is about bringing together the public sector, the third sector and the best of the private sector to create an unstoppable movement for change.’

‘It’s about creating a movement with the objective of informing, lobbying and yes, sometimes getting on people’s nerves a bit, to keep delayed discharge at the top of the headlines, to keep it front and centre in the minds of those making decisions’

Thought-provoking installations have dotted iconic locations across the UK during the last eight weeks.

From London’s Primrose Hill to Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens, bed-based interpretations have explored feelings of entrapment, attrition, lost potential, and systemic complexity.

At the exhibition, the beds will be joined by additional works specially commissioned for the exhibition, from local, London-based artists.

What the campaign is calling for:

The is a UK first, bringing together artists, healthcare professionals, and community organisations, with the simple objective of stopping people being kept in hospital longer than they need to. The campaign’s three-point manifesto:

1. To call ‘bed blocking’ what is and end the misleading label;
2. To provide more accurate data that reflects the true scale;
3. To pioneer innovative solutions that get people home.


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