• Ambulance Today is published four times a year and currently reaches 680,000+ people per edition – giving us the highest readership of any ambulance magazine available globally.
    • Our online distribution partners reside in the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Israel and Europe to name but a few!
    • The Print Edition of Ambulance Today is sent out across the UK to all NHS Chief Executives, Operations Directors, Finance Directors, Human Resources Directors, Clinical Governance Officers, Training Officers, Communications Officers, Control Room Managers, Fleet Directors/Managers, Facilities Managers and Divisional/Station Officers.

  • It is also sent out to: St John Ambulance, The Red Cross and all CEOs of member companies of the IAA (independent Ambulance Association)

  • One of the best ways to promote your business and explain to potential customers precisely what you can offer them is to do it through an ‘advertorial’.‘Advertorial’ simply means conveying your sales and marketing message through the medium of a traditional editorial feature. Hence – ‘Ad – Vertorial’ (see, aren’t those marketing types clever!).Look at the samples below and you’ll see that, when it’s done well, advertorial can have a real impact.If you want an advertorial we’ll talk with you, gather the information required and write it for you. All at no extra charge.What’s more, we also give terrific discounts off rate card prices for advertorials because we know that an interesting, well-written company feature interests our readers (your potential customers).

  • Ambulance Today is the only specialist magazine that we know of that also offers a totally free artwork & design service. We do this to help you save money, free you of hassle and also, quite honestly, to ensure that we maintain the overall high-quality look of Ambulance Today.If we look professional… You look professional.All you need to do is provide us with the basics:We’ll need you to email us the basic copy, company logo, contact information and any visual or pics you want included. We’ll speak to you, help you develop your advert and then proof it with you pre-publication. If you’re not happy with it pre-press we’ll work on it until you are.

  • Finally, in addition, when completed we’ll send you the pdf’s of your special advertorial feature and you’re free to use them in your other marketing campaigns at no extra charge. But please… Don’t go and place it in another ambulance publication… Let them do their own hard work!If you like our advertorials, call the editor, Declan Heneghan, now for a friendly, informal chat on: 07914 606 693 (available: day, evenings and weekends). You won’t believe the good-value deals the companies featured received!

  • Q: How do I know if I’m getting the best value?A: To understand how to get the best deal from any publication all you need to do is one simple calculation which gives you the true cost of your advertisement.Take the actual price you are offered (ex. Vat) and divide it by the number of readers the publication reaches.So, for example, if Ambulance Today offers you a page advertisement at £1,400 (ex. Vat) because our magazine reaches 275,000+ people it’s costing you 0.5p to reach each reader.Q: But isn’t the total quality of the content also important?A: Correct. No matter how cheap an advert is you’ve actually wasted your marketing-spend if your target-audience doesn’t read the publication you’ve placed it in. Bear in mind also that, whatever the price you’re quoted, it’s vital that you first establish whether the magazine you’re choosing a) reaches the audience they claim it reaches, and b) is interesting enough that your potential customers want to read what’s inside!Q: Why doesn’t Ambulance Today carry non-ambulance adverts?A: Because feed-back from our readers, coupled with over 25 years producing newspapers, magazines and specialist media, has taught us that while you can always make an easy buck by combing yellow pages for ‘support’ adverts from kind-hearted small business owners, it simply isn’t decent or fair to sell a company an advert that can’t possibly yeild them a return.What’s more, we’ve also learnt that our readers prefer us to restrict our advertising exclusively to those companies who have services or products they actually might want to buy!That’s why Ambulance Today only carries ‘ambulance-related’ adverts and editorial. It’s also why we ensure that each and every page is well-written, well-designed and completely topical. We know that if we don’t do our job well, you won’t grab the attention of our ambulance readers and, more importantly, our readers will stop turning to us as their first choice for their ambulance news.

  • Ambulance Today magazine is published by Ambulance Today Ltd, 41 Canning Street, Liverpool, L8 7NN. The views and opinions expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of our Editor or Ambulance Today. No responsibility is accepted for omissions or errors. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy at all times. Advertisements placed in the publication marked “CRB Registered” with the organisation’s “CRB Registration No.” means that the organisation/company meets with the requirements in respect of exempted questions under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. All applicants offered employment will be subject to a Criminal Record Check from the Criminal Records Bureau before appointment is confirmed. This will include details of cautions, reprimands or final warnings, as well as convictions and information held by the Department of Health and Education and Employment.

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