Who We Are

Launched in September 2001, the first edition of Ambulance Today was actually at press on the day of 9/11.  We recalled it so that we could report on that event. Since then we have become the world’s leading specialist magazine for anybody involved in pre-hospital ambulance care. Ambulance Today is published four times a year and currently reaches 700,000+ people per edition – giving us the highest readership of any ambulance magazine available globally.

Ambulance Today supplies the very latest news and information on current ambulance affairs to people providing public service, voluntary or independent ambulance services across all seven continents. Although most people read us via our high-resolution, high quality flip-over digital edition we are also happy to provide hard-copy subscriptions for ambulance people anywhere in the world.

Ambulance Today is also distributed to all those companies specifically involved in supplying products and services to ambulance providers.
Ambulance Today does NOT take or seek advertising from companies, individuals or organizations NOT involved in ambulance care. We’re proud to be an ambulance magazine exclusively for ambulance people – and that’s how we want to stay!

Our Experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years




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About Founder

Declan Heneghan

Founder, Editor

As founder and editor of Ambulance Today, for over fifteen years Declan Heneghan has functioned as an expert consultant to all sectors of the ambulance community. During this time he has helped to connect clinical organisations from different corners of the globe, set up some of the best-known global ambulance conferences and spearhead groundbreaking initiatives for the universal improvement of paramedicine.

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