So what's inside Ambulance Today?

  • For a better idea of the content we carry take a look at the list below and click on the samples next to each item

    Major features: We’re proud of our coverage of the major issues affecting ambulance services and patients so we only commission feature articles from the experts and opinion-formers who shape the way ambulance service operations in the UK are delivered

    People: Whether it’s the views and strategies of the latest Health Minister responsible for ambulance services, the views of various ambulance chiefs or the views of a front-line worker responsible for a new initiative – you’ll find them here with plenty of interviews with the UK ambulance service’s movers-and-shakers

    Clinical Care: Clinical care is at the heart of ambulance service delivery so we make sure that the clinical experts responsible for shaping clinical policy share their research and findings with us first!

    Company Profiles: Covering company news is one of our specialities. Take a look at our in-depth profiles of leading ambulance supplier companies from both the UK and overseas.

    Fleet: Whether you’re an ambulance builder or member of the supply chain Ambulance Today is renowned as the magazine that knows its CEN compliance from its Boxed van conversion.

    Product Evaluations: It’s not enough to simply carry a product evaluation. You also need to know the products and understand their application. Better yet, because we have an unrivalled contacts book we can often put you in touch with the best ambulance service or user to put your new product to the test. So whether you’ve got a new comms product, a development in manual handling or a new range of workwear. We’ll help you get your USP’s across.

    Also look out for our:

    Out & About section: Giving you all the latest news from global ambulance services.

    Products and Suppliers News: Provides a quick round-up of the latest company and suppliers news.

Our Editorial Policy

Ambulance Today provides positive and respectful coverage of all global ambulance issues. We focus our content, wherever possible, on delivering warm, human-interest stories on the achievements of ambulance workers.

However, we also recognize that it is our duty to provide a credible platform for free, honest and open discussions of those policy-based and strategic matters upon which ambulance people often have varied and even opposite opinions.

That’s why we adopt the unique editorial policy of allowing all contributors to Ambulance Today the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the final content of any editorial piece which is either written by them or focuses upon them.

No major article ever goes to press without its subject being allowed sight of the finished piece pre-publication and the chance to alter or correct its content as they feel appropriate.

Ambulance Today also has the unique editorial policy of allowing any party or group who takes issue with a given item within our pages equal space for ‘right of reply’ in the next available edition.

While we do not take responsibility for the views expressed by our contributors (see our editorial disclaimer) our minimum editorial requirement is that any statement published in Ambulance Today should be fair, accurate and free of abuse. We will never wittingly publish any article or statement that we believe to be untrue, deliberately false, inaccurate or misleading.

Our Commitment to Supporting Ambulance Workerds

Ambulance Today is a proud supporter of The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) for whom we have helped gain considerable amounts of funding in recent years.

TASC (previously known as the ASBF) is the leading charity providing welfare support to UK ambulance staff and their families and it is our unconditional pledge that we will continue to support the excellent work of TASC with both free editorial coverage and by the provision of links to all key ambulance partners for so long as Ambulance Today exists. Like TASC, we believe that putting something back into the ambulance world is an absolute responsibility for any person, organisation, group or company who benefits from the loyalty and devotion of Ambulance workers.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing work of TASC or, better yet, if you’d like to make a donation to their work or offer your personal fundraising support please go directly to their website following this website. http://www.theasc.org.uk/

Ambulance Today is also very proud of its long-standing partnership with UNISON, the leading Union for NHS workers. Our positive, working relationship with UNISON even precedes the set-up of Ambulance Today and, in fact goes back to the publisher’s first-ever work in UK ambulance Services over 15 years ago. Inside every edition of Ambulance Today we provide UNISON’s lead officers for ambulance with a platform to update all ambulance workers on the work and employment issues that affect them. We also work closely with UNISON to promote their excellent welfare and charitable assignment help projects both here in the UK and overseas.

To find out more about UNISON’s support for ambulance workers or its welfare activities please visit the following website: www.unison.co.uk